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Godox AC adapter

AC Adapter to Godox AD400Pro allowing operation of the lamp powered from the AC 100-230V network. Adapter needs to be mounted instead of battery. It helps you to forget about the battery anyway. You can finally enjoy with long work in studio with that device.

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Godox AD400Pro AC Adapter is a very useful accessory designed especially for Godox AD400Pro. The adapter allows them to be powered directly from the electrical network without additional converters and inverters. Thanks to this, the user can decide whether he wants to work with the battery and have a small high-power flash at his disposal, or with an adapter without having to replace the batteries.

AD400Pro AC Adapter is equipped with active cooling (fan) and a separate switch. In addition, it also has a mechanism to protect against damage due to overheating. Perfect for using indoors. Reduces the risk of the battery running out during shooting.

Just plug the AC adapter on the back of the AD400Pro to start using immediately.


The kit includes: