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Godox Fresnel Lens

FLS10 and FLS8 are focusable optical accessories with Bowens mount. The inner diameters of FLS10 and FLS8 are 10 inches (254mm) and 8 inches (203mm), their adjustable light angles are 10-35° and 10-40° respectively. When collocating with video lights, the center illuminance of FLS10 and FLS8 increase 4 (flood) to 19 (spot) times and 3 (flood) to 19 (spot) times, respectively. FLS10 is compatible with Godox LED lights with Bowens mount. FLS8 is compatible with Godox LED lights with Bowens mount except for M600D.

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Fresnel Lens FLS8 / FLS10



Intensify the Output

The Godox Fresnel Lenses FLS8 and FLS10 amplify the output of Godox LED lights utmost by 19 times.



Variable Beam Angle

Beam thrown by FLS8 can be adjusted from spot 10° to flood 40°. Beam thrown by FLS10 can be adjusted from spot 10° to flood 35°.



Robust Construction

The ergonomic and sturdy build of the Godox Fresnel Lenses ensures minimized light leaks and rugged durability.



Compatible with Barndoors

Compatible with the Godox 8-leaf barndoors to precisely cut and shape the light for more creative expressions.



FLS8 + LB-01

FLS8 performs the best when paired with Godox LED lights. It’s compatible with the majority of Godox Bowens Mount LED lights. M6000 and M600Bi are incompatible owing to their particular mount rings.

technical data


Beam angle


Working temp.



25 x 25 x 12 cm


2 kg


Beam angle


Working temp.



29 x 29 x 13 cm


3 kg