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2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System
Godox MoveLink II

With the evolution of the first generation, it remains the ultra-compact size and professional audio quality while adding incredible new features such as noise-cancellation and extended transmission range. It comes in two colors: black and white and has universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices, computers, and more.

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Made for Run-and-gun

To catch the fleeting moments of inspiration, the MoveLink II provides every feature needed as a run-and-gun audio kit. Small, as there is only one hand needed to hold the whole system; convenient, as it owns a back clip (compatible with shoe mount) and built-in mic for clip and record. Just grab the kit and get started!

The Audio Deserves Your Creativity

When creative ideas strike, you’ll never want to ruin them with bad audio quality. Equip yourself with the MoveLink II now, and enjoy professional audio with rich details! The system makes a huge leap in sound quality compared with the built-in mic of cameras and mobile devices and adopts advanced noise-canceling tech, which reduces annoying ambient noises at only one simple press.

Control, Never Easier

The intuitive display keeps you informed at every step. With a single or several presses, you can easily pair the system, reduce noises, mute or unmute, adjust the volume and so on. The system also has a 3.5mm audio port for real-time monitoring, in case your camera doesn’t have one.

100 m Extended Operation Range

With a maximum 100-meter transmission range, distance won’t limit your creation anymore. It adopts frequency-hopping technology, which ensures a more stable signal and avoids interference even in places with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi traffic.

Primed for Two-person Scenarios

For conditions where two people need to record at the same time, the dual-channel system can handle it well too. In addition, it has mono/stereo mode to combine or separate the two audio tracks for better post-processing.

Portable Charging Case

The smartphone-sized case is easy to put into pockets or handbags and carried around. With it, you can charge two transmitters and one receiver together with only one type-c cable.

Ready for All-day Creation

The built-in lithium-ion battery ensures a whole-day free creation without interruption. Only after one-time full charging, the transmitter can run for 10 hours, and the receiver for 8 hours.

High Compatibility

With included 3.5mm TRS-TRS and TRS-TRRS cables, the system is compatible with multiple devices such as smartphones, cameras, computers, tablets, and recorders…

Two Colors Options

The MoveLink II provides black and white colors for free choice! Whether you want better concealment in recording or just have a preferred gear color, there is a suitable option for you!

technical data

MoveLink ll RX (Receiver)

Simulated Output


Frequency Range


Signal-to-noise Ratio

70dB or higher

Fixing Method

Back clip (installed onto camera’s hotshoe)


TFT Display

Dynamic Range

90dBA (microphone preamplifier)

Working Range

Max.100m (in no shelter situation)

Power Supply

Built-in lithium battery

Working Time


Battery Capacity


Transmission Type

2.4GHz Frequency hopping system

Working Environment Temperature



50 mm x 40 mm x 14 mm


27 g

MoveLink ll TX (Transmitter)





Simulated Input

3.5mm TRS Lavalier microphone input

Working Time


Sound Pick-up Mode


ML II-C3 (Charging Case)

Suitable Models

MoveLink ll TX, MoveLink ll RX

Charging Input

USB Type-C


ABS Material


163 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm


126 g