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2.4GHz Wireless Microphone System
MoveLink Mini

MoveLink Mini is the new microphone system that transmits audio using 2.4GHz wireless frequency, with the characteristics of compact and portable, long battery life, and compatible with various devices by different adapters. Kits include one transmitter and one receiver, as well as version with two transmitters and one receiver are available for your choice. It's suitable for livestreaming, interview, lecturing, video recording, etc.

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Improve Your Audio from Now

With the enhanced sound pickup and excellent noise reduction tech, the 360° omnidirectional voice pickup mic delivers crystal-clear and natural quality, missing no more details, which is a perfect pick for live streaming, vlogging and more. Additionally, the included foam windscreen can also be used for you to effectively reduce unwanted noise like the possible friction between the skin and clothes.

The Tiny Elf on Your Collar

No external lav mic required, the transmitter itself is ultra-small and lightweight for you to straightly clip on the collar to work as the wireless lav mic, which feels as light as a feather. With a 100 m line-of-sight transmission distance, it works perfectly indoors and on-site.

Simple Click for All!

Being extremely handy to use, the MoveLink Mini lets you only need to click on the pairing key in the charging box to connect the items immediately ; click on the on-off button of the transmitter to mute or to reduce noises;click on the on-off button of the receiver to add a first level gain (-33dB)/ second level (-43dB); Just do the click whenever you need it!

Kit On-the-go

Including an extremely compact and portable charging case, which also can be used as a storage box for you to quickly organize, store and transport, it is born for those who are always on the go.

Two-person Scenarios

Vlogging together with your friend? Having an interview? The dual-channel MoveLink Mini can record from two people at the same time, which makes it adapt to more scenarios.

Undefined Style, Boundless Inspiration

Unique style for unique ones, let’s make creation colorful! The MoveLink Mini offers four colors for free choice: Cherry Pink, Macaron Green, Cloud White and Classic Black. Take your favorite color by your side and highlight the whole creative day!

Longer Battery Life

With the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, only one-time full charging is needed for the transmitter to continue running for 6 hours, and the receiver for 8 hours, which promises you a whole day of recording with confidence.

Multiple Adapters for High Compatibility

The MoveLink Mini has been designed into two versions, the MoveLink Mini UC for USB-C, and MoveLink Mini LT for lightning devices. Both of them have interchangeable connectors for TRS and TRRS devices, making it possible to work seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, camcorders and so on devices. Due to its extremely high compatibility, this mic system can be perfect for diverse scenarios, like vlogging, streaming, podcasting, interviewing, video producers, and any other content creation.

technical data



MoveLink Mini TX

Transmission Type


Pick-up Mode


Frequency Range




Signal to Noise Ratio



<5% at 1kHz

Max.Barrier-free Transmission Distance

100 meters (tested in barrier-free outdoor environment according to FCC standard)

Working Temperature Range




Net Weight




MoveLink Mini RX

Transmission Type




Net Weight


Charging Case ML-C2

Input Parameters

Built-in li-ion battery 3.7V, 1370mAh, 5.069Wh/Type-C 1A/5V


163mm x 65mm x 32m

Net Weight

180 g

Charging Case ML-C5

Input Parameters

Built-in li-ion battery 3.7V, 800mAh, 2.96Wh/Type-C 500mA/5V


139mm x 57mm x 28m

Net Weight

115 g