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Parabolic softbox with bowens mount 90cm\120cm

Parabolic Softbox can offer better light effects with high saturation and softness. P90L\P120L is a softbox that provides a very soft easy to control light regardless of where we work, in the studio or outdoors. Its sixteen-sided shape means that the reflections in the eyes of the person being photographed are round and natural, which works great during portrait, fashion or beauty sessions.

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Godox P90 and P120 Parabolic Softbox, Deep Parabolic Box Design, 90cm and 120cm

Godox P90 and P120 Deep Parabolic Softboxes, Reliable and Durable, Long Service Life, 4 Versions and Great portability, Easy and Effortless instalation

Godox P90 and P120 deep parabolic softboxes, instalation methods, included items and features