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AD200 speedlite head

Interchangeable H200 Speedlite Flash Head transforms AD200 flash into a powerful and compact speedlite.

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Mimicking the design of a classic shoe-mounted flash, this head will transform your AD200 into a powerful and compact speedlite that can accept many of the same accessories. This head also provides the AD200 with a modeling lamp function through the implementation of LED lights. Additionally, this head has a flash duration of 1/220 to 1/13,000 second and can recycle in 0.01-2.1 seconds.


Set contains:





technical data

Godox H200

Guide Number

170.6' / 52 m at ISO 100 and 35mm

Flash Duration

1/220 to 1/13,000 second

Recycle Time

0.01-2.1 seconds