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Godox Tabletop LED Lights
Litemons LC30D/LC30Bi

Lightweight and portable, the Litemons LC30LED Light from Godox are versatile and efficient lighting solutions for content creators, tabletop product shooters, vloggers, and more. The D (Daylight) version has a fixed color temperature of 5600 K. The Bi version offers adjustable color temperature (3200-6500 K).

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Litemons LC30


The intuitive and inexpensive LC30 LED continuous lights are good choice for anyone who wants to easily set up and control the lighting of their photo and film sets. The devices provide bright and adjustable light, ideal for product photography of small subjects or, for example, livestreaming straight from a table or desk. High CRI and TLCI ratios of 95 and 96 ensure highly accurate color reproduction and realistic skin tones.


Photo set


Designed to work in small places such as a table or desk, the LC30 lights are easy to transport and sets up quickly in a home or studio environment.


Video set


Continuous lighting makes our broadcasts come to life. The LC30Bi and LC30D provide bright light and built-in special effects when broadcasting or recording home videos, and its lightweight and compact design (the size of a coffee mug) allows it to operate in very small spaces.


FX effects


The LC30D offers eight special effects.  Variable color LC30Bi offers eleven special effects, including various types of flash, thunder, broken bulb, TV, candle, campfire and fireworks.


Power Supply


LC30 comes with an AC adapter, so you can work continuously. The LC30 can also be powered by optional NP-F970 batteries when used with the ML-AK accessory kit purchased separately, increasing its versatility in a variety of conditions.



technical data

LC30 Litemons Series

Power Supply

DC14V (NP-F optional)

Brightness Range




Working Environment Temperature



76 x 76 x 92 mm

Net Weight

299 g




Color Temperature


FX Type





Color Temperature


FX Type