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Retro Camera Flash
Godox Lux Senior

Compatible with Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony cameras, the Lux Senior flash is an extremely stylish light source, but also a very functional device. Thanks to its unparalleled tube and reflector, the lighting effects will delight not only fans of pretty gadgets, but also professional photographers. Lux Flash does not require additional batteries to operate, it is powered by a dedicated rechargeable battery (included).

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Keep Your Vibe


We find resonance in retro vibes, as we can see a more glowing spirit of ourselves in these styles. If you are trying to recollect and retain the vintage beauty in mind, now the Lux Senior comes beyond time only to meet you and recreate the new classic together with you. Just keep your vibe.



Ode to Ordinary Life


If cameras capture the memories, then the flashes glamorize them. Give it a sense of occasion with the Lux Senior when photographing the familiar faces and ordinary moments composing our life stories.



Artwork Comes Alive


In a vintage shape as if it’s a rare museum collection, the Lux Senior brings you the inspiration of a great artwork every time you unfold it. When shooting with Lux Senior, you are holding the connection between the past and the future.


Vintages in Use


The retro vibe of the Lux Senior resonates more in use. Experiencing the classic way of photography with the fan-type silver reflector to shape the light and the flash bulb combining a vintage shape with new technology.



Recreate the Nostalgia Glamour


With the Lux Senior, creates the irreplaceable nostalgia glamour look with a simple click of the shutter button, and presents the original classic beauty of the ‘60s without adding any filter.



Select the Mode You Prefer


Adopting the same operation method as Lux Junior, the Lux Senior also provides two ways of light control – the auto flash mode and the manual flash mode. Select A mode to immerse yourself in the creating ideas or M mode to enjoy the achievement of manual controlling.



Bring It Wherever You Go


Folded, it’s like another phone you take with. Unfolded, it will be the time machine taking you to travel along the history of photography and to meet the great photographers in the glorious age.



technical data

Lux Senior

Guide Number

14 m


28 mm

Exposure Control

Automatic (Non-TTL), Manual

Power Range

1/1 to 1/64 (Manual)

Internal Power

Rechargeable Battery

Dimensions (W x H x D)

176 x 114 x 84 mm


227 g