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Godox Lenses
For Projection Attachment

The interchangeable Godox Lenses (SA-02 60mm, SA-01 85mm, SA-03 150mm) for Projection Attachment SA-P1 allow for more precise control of the light beam.

Compatible with Godox SA-P1 Projection Attachment and Godox S30 LED lamp.

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SA-01 85mm lens 

Usually part of the SA-P Projection Attachment and is the optical part of the system that allows the S30 LED Light to project light and patterns at moderate distances.


SA-02 60mm lens

Has special value in tight quarters or in situations where you have to position the light/Projection Attachment combination up close, yet still have to cover a wide area.


SA-03 150mm lens

Is especially useful when the light source cannot be moved closer to the subject.



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