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Knowled Cine Lighting Reflector
Godox LiteFlow 7/15/25/50/100

The KNOWLED LiteFlow system is a unique solution to create indirect light. While other similar reflectors have been used for years, Godox's cutting-edge reflection system accurately guides the light source to your desired positions. Made to cover a variety of environments and applications, the LiteFlow reflectors sport different diffusion levels, ranging from a hard to a soft strip ray of light.

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Master Cinematic Lighting

With a mere 3% power loss, LiteFlow boasts exceptional reflectance to produce high-quality light. Its cutting-edge craftsmanship offers four distinct diffusion types, allowing for various beam spread effects. When paired with parallel light sources, it’s the ideal solution for diverse lighting requirements in various settings. Users can swiftly choose their desired type by identifying the different label colors on the back, significantly enhancing on-set efficiency.



Various Sizes, Limitless Possibilities

Each diffusion type comes with five size options, enabling precise control over your illuminated area. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional flag setups and elevate your lighting experience with our efficient solution.



Effortless Installation, Enhanced Versatility

LiteFlow incorporates a sleek rail structure with a guide slot design, ensuring a seamless installation experience. Reflectors with extended rails can also be efficiently connected together using flexible arms (optional).


Efficient and Safe Control

Thanks to its lightweight design, LiteFlow makes it a breeze to use with high-output fixtures in low positions, significantly reducing workload and improving safety. Additionally, it offer effortless angle adjustments for convenient control.


Harness the Sunlight

In outdoor environments, LiteFlow can directly utilize natural sunlight, enabling you to efficiently balance lighting contrast even without artificial sources.


One Light, Multiple Points

This system enables you to redirect a single light source multiple times, creating multiple light points and reducing the need for additional fixtures and light-shaping tools. Effortlessly achieve cinematic lighting even in tight spaces.


Even and Textured Lighting

LiteFlow is able to mimic the natural light decay, guaranteeing even lighting across the illuminated area, allowing for seamless scene management. The D1/D2 reflector can create a broad, hard light to accentuate the texture of subjects, enhancing the richness of skin or objects.



Tailored Lighting, Precise Control

LiteFlow offers various distinct light characteristics based on different models, while varying sizes grant you precise control over the illuminated area. You can also utilize available ambient light for supplementary lighting, capturing every intricate detail in your play of light and shadow.


Abundant Accessories

LiteFlow comes with a comprehensive range of accessories, combining durability and flexibility to meet all your requirements for securing and adjusting reflectors in various settings.



technical data

Dimension & Weight

LiteFlow 7 D1/D2/D3/D4

7 x 7 cm | 46g

LiteFlow 15 D1/D2/D3/D4

15 x 15 cm | 167g

LiteFlow 25 D1/D2/D3/D4

25 x 25 cm | 403g

LiteFlow 50 D1/D2/D3/D4

50 x 50 cm | 1.43kg

LiteFlow 100 D1/D2/D3/D4

100 x 100 cm | 18.12kg