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2.4GHz Dual-pattern USB Condenser Microphone
Godox UMic22

The UMic22 wireless USB microphone is a reliable 2.4GHz connection with Godox MoveLink II, excellent audio recording in a compact package. Extended transmission range, powerful runtime and unmatched versatility are the hallmarks of the UMic22, making it an ideal choice for streaming, podcast recording, group interviews, conferences, dubbing and more.

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Beyond Wires, Beyond Limits

Introducing the ultimate wireless USB microphone UMic22. Boasting seamless 2.4GHz connectivity with Godox MoveLink ll, pristine audio capture, compact & precision design, extended transmission range, powerful standalone duration and unmatched versatility, UMic22 is ideal for streaming, podcasting, group interviews, conferencing, voiceover, and more.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

Dual Purposes, Completely Wireless

Incorporated with premium wireless modules from Godox MoveLink II, the USB condenser mic UMic22 excels on an industry level to be a dual-purpose solid Transmitter connected to the MoveLink II Receiver (sold separately), presenting a complete, resilient 2.4GHz wireless solution like never before.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

Clear Sound Under Dedicated Treatment

Boasting dual 14mm large-diaphragm capsules for CD-quality renditions, the UMic22 can handle a wide range of sound sources, offering crystal-clear and balanced sound reproduction. Its Cardioid/Mute/Omnidirectional knob allows users to effortlessly control audio directivity, ensuring studio-quality articulation and intelligibility.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

Compact, Ergonomic, Precision Engineering

The UMic22 is structured by a delicate metallic grille with an advanced honeycomb hexagonal pattern for excellent-sounding capture. Weighing only 276g and featuring a solid 30° adjustable desk stand, it’s the ideal on-the-go wireless & USB mic for diverse needs.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

25 Hours Recording

Built with a 770mAh high-capacity lithium battery, UMic22 offers an impressive 25 hours of wireless recording. It goes beyond plug & play with USB-C connectivity, allowing simultaneous recharge for uninterrupted shoots all day long.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

Full Control

Designed with a 1-10 stepless gain dial, the UMic22 provides an integrated preamplifier, enabling users to fine-tune their audio to avoid potential clipping or weak signal as they record, delivering superior sound quality, musical details, and desired vocals. With a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack and intuitive volume control, UMic22 offers vivid sound with lots of details for users to monitor the sound track in real time, making it highly adaptable to various shooting scenarios.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

Creativity Extended Without Cables

When paired with Godox MoveLink II RX, UMic22 continues to give great performance without cables at up to 100 meters, thus eliminating constraints and creating boundless possibilities for content creators.

Godox Umic22 USB Mic

Creativity Extended Without Cables

Crafted with a 3/8″ threaded port, and a USB-C to C cable, a USB-C to USB-A adapter included, UMic22 is remarkably versatile and portable for different cases. Whether on a desktop, clamped to a stand/ boom arm, or used as a wireless mic, it will always get you perfectly heard.

technical data

Godox UMic22

Pickup Pattern

Cardioid, Omnidirectional



lnput Parameter

5V ⎓ 1A

Lithium Battery Parameter

3.8V ⎓ 770mAh

Frequency Response


Max. SPL




Sampling Rate


Volume/Gain Adjustment Range


Working Time

Approx. 25h

2.4GHz Transmission Range

Max. Wireless Distance 100m (when using with MoveLink Ⅱ RX)

Working Environment Temperature



5.7 cm x 17 cm x 10.4 cm

Net Weight

276 g