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Dental Macro Flash Kit
Godox MF12-DK1

MF12-DK1 is a set of 2 macro flashes with accessories, optimized for dental photography. This kit includes two MF12 flash heads, which allow you to photograph subjects at very close range. In addition to a dedicated transmitter, the kit comes with multiple mounting options and two dedicated silicone diffusers.

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Through extensive research and continuous refinement, in collaboration with Sony in Europe, we proudly introduce the MF12-DK1, one more all-inclusive and advanced solution for aesthetic dental photography. This comprehensive dental flash system includes all the accessories required for dental photography, offering an all-in-one solution to address almost every possible lighting challenge in dental photography.



Sony Europe

In collaboration with Sony in Europe, Godox has developed the MF-R76S+ dental ring flash and the MF12-DK1 dental flash system, both seamlessly integrated with Sony cameras such as A6400, A7M4, A7R5, and ZV-E10, and are well-paired with the Sony macro lens FE90MM (SEL90M28G). For dentists seeking enhanced precision in lighting adjustments, the MF12-DK1 serves as the ideal tool to unlock a broader range of possibilities and tackle more challenging dental photography tasks.Tested by renowned dentist and Sony & Godox Ambassador – Alessandro Devigus, the dental flash system provids the highest level of assurance and reliability for dental photography.



Full Set

The MF12-DK1 includes all the accessories required for dental photography, saving you time and energy to get started. With special consideration for seamless compatibility among the accessories, this kit allows for higher efficiency and convenience during dental photography shooting.



The dedicated XproIIS+ is specially designed for dental photography and exclusively compatible with Sony cameras and lens. This dental flash trigger features a dedicated Dental Mode that significantly enhances the workflow by quick adaptation of on-camera flash settings. The upgraded Dental Mode ensures more stable signal transmission, minimizes unnecessary signal interference, and delivers more precise output for macro picture shooting. XproIIS+ also features one-touch activation of the modeling light, making it incredibly efficient for dental photography.


Specially Customized Dental Diffuser

The diffuser has undergone rigorous testing and refinement in practice to meet the advanced standards of professional aesthetic dental photography. With the help of the diffusers, the light is perfectly diffused, effectively illuminating hard-to-reach areas during intraoral photography, such as posterior molars and more. The color temperature is also designed with special consideration for dental photography needs, ensuring more precise and aesthetically pleasing shooting results.


Adjustable and Well-Controlled Dental Bracket

The optional dental bracket MF-DB enables flexible and precise adjustment of the light position, thus creating more dimensions for dental shooting. The flash head can be rotated 180° on the bracket, allowing it to be positioned as close as needed to the lens and effectively illuminating the posterior molar region.


Rechargeable Battery

With a powerful integrated lithium battery, the flashes can accommodate up to 500 full-power flashes and offer a rapid recycling time of 0.01-1.7 seconds, ensuring uninterrupted and extended usage for dentists. Moreover, recharging is effortless via a convenient type-C connection.



All-inclusive Storage Case

The storage case, designed with quality and space efficiency, easily accommodates all accessories, and offers a clean and organized storage solution for your individual MF12-DK1 dental photography equipment.


technical data


Built-in Lithium Battery


Guide No. (1/1 output)

GN=16.1 (+0.1)

Flash Power


Output Level

8 levels: 1/128~1/1

Brightness of LED Modeling Lamp

1~10 Levels



Optical Flash

S1 Secondary Optic Triggering | S2 Secondary Optic Triggering with Anti-preflash

Flash Mode

TTL Autoflash, M manual flash

Flash Duration


2.4G Wireless Transmission




Transmission Distance

30 m

Type-C Power Charging

5V 2A

Full Power Flashes

Approx. 500

Recycle Time

Approx. 0.01~1.7s

Battery Level Indication

Battery level indicator shows on the upper right corner of the display

2.4G Wireless Frequency Range



81 x 76.5 x 64.3 mm




Compatible cameras

Sony cameras (TTL autoflash) Support for the cameras that have PC sync socket

Power supply

2x AA batteries

Flash Modes

TTL, Manual, Strobo



Second Curtain Sync


Flash exposure compensation

+3EV(exposure value) adjustable in 1/3 EV increment

Flash exposure lock


Focus assist


Modeling lamp flash

Control the modeling lamp flash by flash trigger


Control the Beeper by flash trigger

ZOOM Setting

Adjust the Z00M value by the transmitter from AUTO or 24 to 200

TCM function

Transform the TTL shooting value into the output value in the M mode

Firmware upgrade

Upgrade through the USB Type-C port

Memory function

Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart


Large LCD panel, backlight ON or OFF