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Ring Flash Head for AD200
Godox R200

Ring head with 200Ws flash energy and 10W modeling light. It fits the Godox AD200 and AD200Pro lights. Provides direct light and is an extremely valuable tool for fashion photography, portraits, but also macrophotography or specialty photography.

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An electrifying new addition to the versatile AD200/AD200Pro system, the Godox R200 Ring Flash head has 200Ws of energy, providing distinctive illumination and eliminating shadows because the light source is very close to the optical axis of the lens. It provides amazing results for portraits, fashion photography, as well as for macrophotography or specialty applications.



Shadowless lighting


Flash head is equipped with a 10W modeling light, so you can predict how the light will lay on your subject. Compared to a spotlight source, the R200 creates a more interesting, striking look, making your subject almost shadow-free, which is often used in portrait and fashion photography. Since the R200 has a round shape, you can also get beautiful reflections in your model’s eyes.



More Details


R200 is commonly used as an ideal light for beauty or cosmetic photo shoots. A ring light creates even illumination to bring out more detail in a photo, but at the same time does not produce unpleasantly harsh lighting as with spotlight sources such as standard reflectors.



Unlimited possibilities


Whether you use the head on the camera or on a light stand, use the flash head alone or with accessories, the R200 will always provide the highest quality light and the best user experience. Don’t be afraid to experiment!





The R200 comes with a stylish storage bag for the AD200/AD200Pro body. The bag is designed so that the user can walk around and adjust parameters comfortably, even when working alone.





The R200 guarantees great effects even on its own, but its versatility can be extended with additional accessories (available separately) such as a reflector, grids with different characteristics or color filters.



In package:

-R200 Ring Flash Head,
-foldable bracket,
-umbrella bracket,
-cross-body mini bag,
-original packaging.

technical data


Flash Energy

200 Ws

Flash Color Temperature


Modeling Lamp Power

10 W

100% Brightness (Lux,in0.5 meters)


Modeling Lamp CCT


Modeling Lamp Level


Dimension (excluding power cable)