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Retro Camera Flash
Godox Lux Cadet

Godox Lux Cadet is not only a unique source of light, but also a real gem for lovers of vintage design. This flash combines classic design with modern technology. Its body in elegant chrome and delicate, rounded shapes make it not only a practical photographic tool, but also a stylish piece of equipment for any photographer.

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Blossom of light!

Lux Cadet is a tool for every photographic individualist. Let your expression blossom and create unique photos while keeping your own style intact! The unique shape, lightweight construction and interestingly designed head will bring your flash experience to a new level.



Easy flash

Lux Cadet allows you to effortlessly take great photos without complicated and time-consuming adjustments of settings. Focus on your emotions and leave the technical parameters to Lux Cadet, a flash that becomes a tool for your expression.



Retro On-the-Go

Lux Cadet is not just a camera flash; it’s your sleek sidekick, always ready for your next adventure. With its compact and slim design, the Lux Cadet fits perfectly into a dynamic lifestyle. Have fun while capturing moments with the Lux Cadet, turning every memory into a work of art.


Creative Exploration

Switch to M-mode and open the door to a world of unlimited creativity. Lux Cadet lets you push the limits of your imagination. In M Mode you have full control over exposure and nothing limits your ingenuity.


Retro Style

Lux Cadet pays homage to the classics by embracing the timeless appeal of vintage aesthetics. Lux Cadet seamlessly blends the elegance of the past with today’s technology, creating a timeless accessory that complements today’s lifestyle.


technical data

Lux Cadet


GN10(ISO100, in meters)

Lithium Battery

3.7V 1700mAh

Input Parameter


Flash Power

7 steps:1/1-1/64



Focal Length

28mm (fixed value)

Optical Flash

S1 optical control/S2 optical control

Working Environment Temperature


Recycle Time(1/1 step)


Full Power Flash Times(1/1 step)

≈620 times


Hotshoe,SYNC cable

Dimension(when the reflector is taken in)

9,5 x 5 x 7 cm

Net Weight

171 g